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®Ral System 3                                                 
 Visual merchandising evolution with maximum flexibility

Feautures and

Maximum display flexibility;
ntegrated accessories with line Ral System 2;
Strong visual impact;
Strong resistance and display capacity;
Hang-on displays;
Backlights along 4 sides.


Technological steel slides;
Methacrylate, wood, lacquered, laminated panels;
Coloured glass headers;
Transparent or acid plate glass shelves;
Mdf lacquered accessories or chromium steel.

®Ral System 3
is an open system of the last generation: It can rapidly and immediately transform itself in relation with display needs and/or integrate itself with previous systems.

This system can manage contemporaneously the modularity of ®Ral System 2 (stocks, semitop, headers) as well as the spacewall modularity (plexi-glass shelves & containers, chromium steel baskets & hooks for blister holders).
Product is protagonist and this system offers the most effective and flexible support for display visibility.

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